3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake

3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade CakePeriodically, I sing the praises of 3-2-1 Magic Mug Cakes such as this 3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake. What started as a quick vacation post has, by popular demand, become a regular feature. These magical microwave marvels are adored for many reasons. They are by nature, instant gratification. What other dessert cake is ready to eat, in all of its gooey splendor, in under a minute? Mug cakes are painless portion control, unless you choose to make and eat them by the dozen. There are an infinite number of 3-2-1 cake variations to zap and enjoy. For the care package purposes of The Monday Box, countless amazing variations can be made with shelf-safe ingredients (more about this in a moment).

3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade CakeThis month, the cast on my broken ankle led me to add another entry to the list of 3-2-1 cake virtues. 3-2-1 cakes can easily be prepared by cast wearing bakers with limited mobility. Other than eating ice cream out of the container with a spoon (not care package friendly), dessert doesn’t get any easier than zapping a 3-2-1 mug cake.

3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade CakeSome readers have been confused by 3-2-1 cake as a care package goodie. I would like to try to clear up this confusion. The cooked 3-2-1 cake can NOT go into a care package. The INGREDIENTS for the 3-2-1 cake and the easy-to-follow directions CAN be mailed to anyone with a microwave and a love of sweet treats. All of the ingredients for the 3-2-1 cake variations here on The Monday Box are shelf-stable, therefore mailable. The summer time/hot weather variations, like these 3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cakes, use ingredients unlikely to melt or spoil in transit. If you are enjoying a 3-2-1 cake at home, then shelf-stable ingredients aren’t an issue. In that case, I highly recommend the liberal addition of fresh fruit, ice cream, or whipped cream!

3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake delivers a mouthful of sweet strawberry and tart lemon flavors. Soft, fluffy strawberry cake is topped with creamy lemon filling and crunchy freeze dried strawberries. Use lemon pie filling for mild tartness or lemon curd for extra tart lemon flavor. 3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake is a taste of summer that quickly satisfies sweet cravings.

3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake
Makes about 48 mugs of cake
(Printable recipe)
1 box Angel Food Cake mix
1 box strawberry cake mix
Non-stick spray (if not using disposable cups)
1 bag freeze dried strawberries
1 can lemon pie filling or 1 jar lemon curd

• In a gallon sized ziplock bag, combine the two boxes of cake mix. Shake the bag to mix thoroughly.
• If using a microwaveable mug, lightly coat the inside of a with non-stick spray. Without the spray the cake will not transfer out of the mug and the mug is harder to clean. If using a disposable microwave safe paper cup, no non-stick spray is needed.
• (Here comes the 3-2-1 part) Into the prepared mug/cup, stir together 3 tablespoons of cake mix and 2 tablespoons of water. Add a rounded tablespoon of lemon pie filling.
• Microwave on high for up to 1 minute until cooked. (My microwave takes 40 seconds.)
• Add a generous dollop of pie filling on top of the 3-2-1 cake and a sprinkle of crumbled strawberries. Then eat it right out of the mug. If you want to transfer the cake onto a plate, run a knife around the edge between the cake and the mug to loosen, dump out onto a plate, then add the pie filling and crumbled strawberries.
Packing tips: Combine the two cake mixes into a gallon-size ziplock bag labeled with directions. Include a measuring spoon, a can of lemon pie filling or a jar of lemon curd (wrapped in bubble wrap), and a bag of freeze dried strawberries. If the care package is international, include microwave safe paper cups. If the care package is domestic, add either a can of non-stick spray (for use with a ceramic mug) or microwave safe paper cups. Don’t forget to include the “recipe”.
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33 thoughts on “3-2-1 Strawberry Lemonade Cake

  1. This would make great gift baskets for my sisters. I can picture the mix in a big mason jar, paired with a jar of lemon curd, a jar of homemade strawberry jam, etc. Thanks for sharing! -jeanne

    • Thanks, Jeanne! I think 3-2-1 mix plus add-ins would make an awesome gift basket! I keep thinking about making printable, note card size “recipe” cards with add-in instructions and a photo. A more “artistic” version of just printing off the recipe might be useful for care packages and gifts. In my abundant leisure time….. :)

  2. I have never ventured to make a cake in a mug, let alone in the microwave before! This looks so easy and what a great “instant” treat for when the sweet tooth strikes.

    • Microwave mug cakes are such a fun novelty, Maureen! Really kind of magic. :) Though 3-2-1 cakes are not the same thing as baked, they are easy, fun, and (as you point out) instant! Be careful not to over zap and I think you will be surprised!

  3. I was wondering where to get freeze dried strawberries but I saw that you could also send strawberry jam/preserves. Where you buy your paper cups to send in the military care packages and how many to you send when you send a care package with the 3-2-1 cakes?

    • Hi, Paula! Freeze dried fruit (including strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and blueberries) can be found in a regular supermarket, often in the produce department. I have also found it at Trader Joes and at Target. I especially like the packaging at Target because it comes in small individual serving bags. I find the paper cups at the Dollar Store, Target or any party supply store like Party City. I would put 4 6-packs of cups into a military care package if I had the room. If sending glass jars, be sure to wrap them carefully in bubble wrap and if you send a can, you might want to send a small can opener. I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions! :)

    • Thanks, Tricia! Mug cakes are sort of like sponge cake, but with all of the added goodies (syrups, chocolates, pie fillings, and such) they can be the answer to a sudden sweet craving! They are especially appreciated by college kids and military who only have access to a microwave. Thank you for thinking of me and my silly ankle! It is healing …. slowly. Or maybe it just feels like slowly! :) Luckily, it is completely painless most of the time. :)

  4. I will automatically think of you whenever 3-2-1 cakes come up! This one is so, so pretty and I’m sure it tastes great. I love the combination…and you’ve got me craving lemon curd!

    • Thanks, Monica! Thats me. The 3-2-1 Cake Queen! :) I honestly had no intention of becoming a cake mix in the microwave expert but those are the posts that gather the most interest. Luckily I think I have found some combinations that go beyond novelty and actually taste good! A bag of 3-2-1 cake mix is a must-have for dorm rooms! :) And the lemon curd….I made the cakes, took the photos, then ate the lemon curd out of the jar with a spoon. These 3-2-1 cakes were just needed an excuse to open the jar! :)

    • Thanks, Lokness! I agree that lemon curd is so delicious and tastes great with cake! p.s. We have been enjoying your frozen banana bites, a perfect summer time treat to pop in your mouth right out of the freezer!

      • Haha, I am so happy to hear you guys like the banana bites! I also made 50 of them earlier this week. And I have been eating them left and right. Oh well, at least they are healthy. :P

    • Thanks, Candi! The individual portioned 3-2-1 cakes make it possible for everyone in the family (or on the dorm floor, or in the barracks) to have their own cake! White chocolate is also awesome with strawberry cake but would melt in the mail this time of year. Lemon curd or lemon pie filling is summery and delicious. :)

    • Thanks, Vicky! I know your kids do real baking and cooking, but I bet they would enjoy the “magic” in these little microwave cakes. They make a great quick treat too! :)

    • Thanks, Libby! Though the small size offers portion control, 3-2-1 cakes are so easy and quick they could be dangerous! :) Two important tips for the best results: 1. Don’t overcook or you will end up with a dried up sponge. My new microwave takes 40 seconds. 2. Syrups (chocolate, caramel, etc.) and gooey fillings (pie filling, melted chocolate, etc) make ALL the difference!

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