Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

I was in South Carolina this past week visiting my mother and celebrating her 80th birthday. I love spending time with my mom, and I hate that we live so far apart. So, off to the South I go, whenever circumstances allow.  Really, not nearly often enough.  Now I am home playing catch up. It takes me awhile. Whole forests of trees go into the junk mail that accumulates while I am gone.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersI am trying to catch up on The Monday Box as well. I had hoped to have this post ready and waiting to be magically published while I was away. It obviously didn’t work out that way. Instead, I will post twice this week! Today, I’ll share easy no-bake directions for Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers, a tasty and impressive care package or in-person gift.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersThis is a busy time of year. One holiday after another arrives with foods to prepare and gifts to share. Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers look like a fancy gourmet treat but are easy to make and can be stored for weeks. Chocolate covered anything is recommended only for cold weather shipping.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersThe easiest way to make Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers is with packaged graham crackers. I used both regular honey grahams and chocolate grahams, breaking each large rectangle cracker into 2 squares. My crackers weren’t breaking evenly by hand, so I used a knife in a gentle sawing motion to split them. An advantage to making your own graham crackers is that the dough can be cut into any size or shape. I have posted two homemade graham cracker recipes here.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersDue to my unfortunate ineptitude with tempering chocolate ( see my Mallomar post for evidence), I chose to use Ghirardelli melting wafers for the chocolate candy coating. Wilton also makes candy coating discs. Candy coating melts very smoothly and is supposed to set with a slight sheen if hardened in the refrigerator. I think the Ghirardelli tasted more like real chocolate but none of my dipped grahams came out shiny. One 12- ounce bag of melting wafers covered about 12 graham squares. If using additional melted wafers for decoration, you will need an additional bag.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersThe Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers take about 1 hour to dip, set, and decorate. To decorate with anything that needs to stick to the coating (sprinkles, candy, etc.), the decorations should be added immediately after dipping each cracker. To decorate with melted chocolate drizzle, refrigerate to set the dipped cracker then drizzle and refrigerate again to set the drizzle. Another easy way to add interest to the surface of the dipped cracker is to add texture with a fork. Straight or curvy lines can be made with by dragging the tines of a fork over the melted chocolate. Little bumps can be made by touching the tines of the fork to the melted surface and lifting straight up. Chocolate waves are created when the flat side of a fork (or knife) is touched across the surface of the cracker and lifted straight up. Playing in melted chocolate is almost as therapeutic as eating it.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackersI wrapped my finished Chocolate Coated Graham Crackers in self-sealing bags from a candy supply store, but plain plastic wrap can be used to provide airtight storage. The little bags are easy and make the cookies look professional. Stored at room temperature in an airtight container, Chocolate Coated Graham Crackers stay fresh for at least 3 weeks.

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers
Makes: 24 squares
  • 12 graham crackers ( regular and/or chocolate) each cracker broken in half into 2 squares
  • 2- 12 ounce bags chocolate melts (I used Ghirardelli)
  • Decorations: another bag of chocolate melts, sprinkles, crushed peppermint candy, crumbled cookies
  1. Cover two cookie sheets with wax paper.
  2. In a shallow bowl wider than the grahams, melt the candy/chocolate wafers in the microwave at medium power for one minute. Stir. If not completely melted, return to the microwave an heat for 15 second intervals until melted.
  3. Place a graham cracker into the bowl of chocolate. Using two forks, press the cracker into the chocolate then turn it over to coat the underside.
  4. Using a fork, lift the coated graham, scrape excess coating back into the bowl, and place the graham onto the prepared cookie sheet.
  5. While the coating is still melted, add sprinkles or texture.
  6. Repeat until the first cookie sheet is full then place in the refrigerator for 10-15 minutes to set the coating. The candy melts must set in the refrigerator and not at room temperature in order to dry slightly shiny.
  7. Complete coating the remaining graham crackers, placing onto the second cookie sheet, and refrigerate to set.
  8. To decorate with contrasting or same color drizzle, in the microwave melt candy/chocolate wafers in a small ziplock bag. Cut off a tiny bit of a bottom corner of the bag and drizzle onto the set surface of a coated graham cracker. Refrigerate again to set the drizzle.
  9. When all of the coating and decoration has hardened, wrap the grahams individually in plastic bags or plastic wrap. Store in an airtight container at room temperature for at least 2-3 weeks.
Packing tips
Pack the individually wrapped crackers closely in a box or tin to prevent movement while shipping.


  1. says

    So simple, but such nice presentation. I love chocolate covered graham crackers! And now I am inspired to dip some pretzels too. I can’t get enough of the salty sweet combo. I might make packages of both coated graham crackers and dipped pretzels. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • says

      Thanks, Sarah! I have seen beautiful dipped pretzles. What a great gift bag the fancy pretzles and grahams would make! I am glad you found some inspiration. Reading blogs for inspiration is my favorite way to loose track of time! :)

  2. says

    Wendy, I think I have a secret fantasy of coming back in my next life as a master chocolatier. I know that in this life, I could never get close because the very thought of tempering chocolate turns me off. I wish I could do it but I know it’s not realistic. I think it’s partly working with small quantities at home and I just can’t get over the idea of keeping the chocolate tempered and re-starting the process when it dips out of the temperature range. I do love to dip pretzels and make some candies but the fact that the chocolate blooms or needs to be refrigerated sure is inconvenient. (I’ve tried the other shortcut method of “tempering” by melting 3/4 of the chocolate gently in the microwave and then stirring in the rest of the chocolate in with some success.)
    Anyway, I can see why you used the melts. I never knew Ghiradelli made it so thanks for the heads up. Your dipped graham crackers came out great. Great project and a wonderful gift.

    • says

      Maybe some day I will try to work with tempering chocolate again. But all of that work (not to mention expensive ingredients) just to wake up the next morning to spreading white blooms is disheartening. I would definitely prefer to use real chocolate because it tastes better. (Even a non-chocoholic like me can tell the difference). Candy melts remind me of the chocolate coins we traditionally give kids on Chanukkah in that they are a wee bit waxy. The Ghiradelli melts were an improvement. I bought mine at World Market but in South Caroline I saw them at Publix supermarket.
      When my kids were little we always made something for their teachers (plus a donation to Heifer International) for holiday gifts. These would be perfect for that. :)

  3. says

    So simple but I love the way these look – perfect for gift giving! Plus, you can go to town and get creative with the toppings : ) I love that. I live far away from my mom (and family) too – it’s hard but it does make visits with them extra special!

    • says

      Thanks, Ashley! Simple to make + impressive = a great little gift or care package goodie. :) I especially like the idea of creative toppings. The decorations really dress these up.

    • says

      Thanks,Sheryl! Because these can easily be made ahead, they are great for last minute gifts as well as planned out care packages. Plus, the decorations can be color coordinated with what ever holiday (or in the case of Thanksgivukkah, holidays) are being celebrated! :)

  4. says

    they’re so, so festive! There’s so many different kinds of sprinkles around over the hoildays, and there’s only so much i can think of to use them on. I love the idea of these and mixing them up with a bunch of different decorations.
    You know, tempering chocolate is difficult, period. And that’s a lot of money to have to spend on chocolate if there’s a good chance it won’t work. Candy melts are definitely more economical and way less fussy.

    • says

      Thanks, Shannon! Sprinkles (decorations in general) make such a difference in the appeal of a cookie. Cookies generally have to pass a visual test before it can make it to the taste test. :) I used to wonder if I was a sprinkle hoarder. Now I have gone beyond wondering. I am relatively sure. :) I find them hard to resist but, just like you said, I can’t always figure out how to use them! Chocolate covered grahams are the perfect palette for sprinkle creativity, a great kid project, and easy edible gifts.
      I wish I knew the secret to tempering chocolate. I would love to master it but despite sincere effort, I produce fail after fail. I am giving up for now. At least there are better tasting candy melts being produced! :)

    • says

      Thanks, Jennifer! It was great to have some time with my mom, especially to celebrate her 80th! These grahams are win,win,win….easy to make, impressive to receive, and yummy to eat! :) Even my son was impressed enough to call and say Wow. :)

  5. says

    I think I could eat about a million of these chocolate covered treats Wendy! Is it wrong that I want to use them for s’mores? 😉 I use a little chocolate pot when making stuff like this – it keeps the chocolate warm and you don’t really need to worry about tempering – here’s the link to one similar to what I use :

    • says

      I think chocolate covered grahams would taste delicious as s’mores but I wonder if the heat of the toasted marshmallow might melt the top coating as well as the coating inside the “sandwich”? It would still taste great but might be messy. Question about the Babycakes chocolate melter: Have you used it to melt chocolate (like a baking bar for example or a regular Hershey’s bar), dipped something ( like a cookie) and kept the dipped cookie for several days? The blooming problem I have had doesn’t happen the first day. It would be wonderful if this would work!

  6. Joy @ Yesterfood says

    Oooo, Wendy, this was such an enjoyable post! Not only was it about chocolate, 😀 but the detailed instructions are so helpful. I want to play in chocolate NOW and try all of the techniques you described! My husband loooves chocolate covered grahams- these would make a great surprise for him!

    • says

      Thanks, Joy! You brought a smile to my morning. :) Playing in chocolate is definitely fun! I hope your husband enjoys his grahams! They are a favorite with a lot of people. My son had friends knocking on his dorm door once word got out that The Monday Box contained chocolate covered grahams! :) They last for ages, so you can fill a whole cookie jar.

    • says

      Sallie, thank you so much for sending me the link to the stolen photo! I have contacted the Etsy seller and “firmly” requested it be removed. Unfortunately, many people don’t understand and/or respect copyright. I gladly share my material with sites that give credit to the source and provide link throughs, but passing off photos or written material as one’s own when it is someone else’s is stealing (as you obviously understand). I really appreciate that you took the time to let me know!! I hope you enjoy your graham crackers. They are so easy to make, delicious, and everyone is impressed. :) Happy holidays!

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