3-2-1 Hot Chocolate Cake

If you would like to drink your hot chocolate and eat it too, file this microwave magic recipe  under “required eating”. 3-2-1 Hot Chocolate Cake is rich and chocolaty with lots of gooey marshmallow topping. Best of all, a 3-2-1 Hot Chocolate Cake can be cooked and on your fork in just one minute!

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Iced Snowmen Sugar Cookies and Military Care Package #8

Disney tunes have a way of sticking in my mind. Often all it takes is a single word to trigger my own personal internal movie clip accompanied by stereo surround sound. I was definitely humming along, channeling little Anna (from “Frozen”), while decorating these Snowmen Sugar Cookies. Do you want to bake a Snowman?

Iced Snowmen Sugar CookiesSnow is the theme of my January Military Care Package. I mentioned in my last post that I am not a fan of snow when it piles up and causes driving hazards, but I do acknowledge that it is the stuff that childhood dreams are made of. Snow days off from school. Building snowmen. Sledding. Perhaps snow themed cookies and sweet treats can stir up a few childhood happy memories for Soldier B. and his buddies.

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Cinnamon Snowball Cookies

If subzero temperatures and piles of the white stuff have you huddled over a cup of something hot, what you need is a plate of Cinnamon Snowball Cookies to nibble and dunk.

Cinnamon Snowball CookiesI’ve been in South Carolina for the last two weeks trying to help my mom a bit as she regained her strength after a hospital stay. The day I left South Carolina the temperature was almost 60. Today I am home in St. Louis, and the temperature is 15. If there is such a thing, I am in temperature shock. Bring on the hot chocolate and cookies!

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