Slice-and-Bake Shortbread: one dough, three cookie flavors

There is never enough time. The older I get, the faster time seems to fly by. Lately, I have been amazed each time we flip over to the next month on the calendar. Already?! Well, already is here again. The start of November means the start of the time crunch we refer to as “the holiday season”, a frenzy of cooking and baking and merrymaking that leaves many people frazzled and decidedly unmerry. Let’s enjoy the “happy” in Happy Holidays. Planning ahead helps. So do time saving recipes like this one for Slice-and Bake Shortbread: one dough, three cookie flavors.

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Honey Graham Sandwich Cookies and Military Care Package #5

Readers of The Monday Box may have noticed that I haven’t posted an addition to my Military Care Package series since August. There is a wonderful reason. Right as I began baking for a September care package, Paratrooper Derik sent me a facebook message with great news. His deployment ended and he was heading home! After expressing how happy I was for him, and thanking him one last time for his service, I asked Derik for a small favor. My request was that he find a new recipient for future Monday Box Military Care Packages. These Honey Graham Sandwich Cookies were baked for my new friend Soldier B.

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Maple Biscotti with Maple Syrup Icing

Here is my care package resume. In the last three years I have shipped a lot of cookies. Every week a box or two, filled with cookies baked with Monday Box love, embark on journeys short (Chicago, next day) and long (Afghanistan, 8 days plus). I have been blogging about my adventures in cookie travel for over two years. That’s a lot of cookie recipes. So my dilemma, when faced with choosing a recipe for this week’s Cookie Month ’14 theme, Best Shipping Cookies, was which to choose out of the many worthy candidates. The winner is Maple Biscotti.

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