Cranberry-Clementine Whole Wheat Quick Bread and Military Care Package #6

Cranberry-Clementine Whole Wheat Quick Bread is a treat to be thankful for! Bite through the crunchy sugar topping into a soft, moist clementine flavored whole wheat loaf bursting with sweet-tart cranberries.

Cranberry-Clementine Whole Wheat Quick Bread

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Peanut Buttery Bars and Cookies

It’s getting cold outside. I come home at night from the dog park and need a steaming cup of something in order to defrost. I seem to have become a major weather wimp over the summer. Today I was bundled up in four layers, including a down coat, and I was still cold even though the temperature was in the thirties. I need to tap into my Siberian ancestry. With my evening coffee or tea, I usually like a crunchy biscotti, but lately I have been craving something soft and chewy. That craving led to the baking of these Peanut Buttery Bars and Cookies.

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3-2-1 Candy Bar Cake

Halloween night was very quiet in our neighborhood. The doorbell rang with trick-or-treaters exactly once. We have never had a lot of trick-or-treaters and I always have left over candy. Each year I think maybe something will change, so I overbuy treats, worried that I might run out. An overabundance of little chocolate bars was the inspiration for 3-2-1 Candy Bar Cake, a quick and delicious way to put left over candy to use.

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