Chocolate-Maple Banana (or not) Bread

On Monday, in honor of National Banana Bread Day, I baked a loaf of banana bread for my son’s Monday Box care package. It was no ordinary loaf. It was a Chocolate-Maple Banana Bread; moist and dense, sweetened with maple syrup, and made extra chocolaty with mini chocolate chips.

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Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies (花生饼)

Peanut Cookies are a traditional Chinese New Year treat. Each melting, crunchy, toasty bite is cause for celebration!

Chinese New Year Peanut Cookies (花生饼)One of my favorite things about the internet is learning about other cultures’ customs and foods. My spice collection has expanded exponentially as I dabble in world cuisine. I get especially excited whenever I discover an international cookie recipe that fits the care package requirements of The Monday Box. The flavors or preparation methods can be different than what I am used to, but the results are often worth sharing. The Monday Box archives contains recipes from Australia, Russia, Scotland, Germany, Greece, and Italy. Today I am adding China!

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Valentine Envelope Sugar Cookies and Military Care Package #9

This is a Valentine’s Day themed care package for someone I don’t know. Red hearts, love notes, and roses were not appropriate. I struggled for a while, trying to figure out what to include in this military care package that would convey my Valentine’s Day message of caring and support. Not surprisingly, I decided to express my support in cookie form.  Valentine Envelope Sugar Cookies are sealed with a red heart for caring and a yellow “Support our Troops” ribbon.

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