Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie Squares

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie SquaresMy 25 year old daughter, Meira, is an amazing, determined goal setter. She deals with life challenges like speed bumps rather than barricades. A few weekends ago, after months of training, Meira and I drove to downtown St. Louis at 5:30 in the morning so that Meira could run in her first half marathon. I stood near the finish line taking photos and cheering her on as she completed the 13.1 miles! I am very proud of her.

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookie Squares

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Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies and Military Care Package #2

Oreo Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies and Military Care Package #2Military Care Package #2, a box crammed full of cookies, calories, smiles, thanks, and best wishes, is winging its way to Afghanistan as I write this. The first box reached Paratrooper Derik in just 8 days! Mail travel time to deployed military can take much longer. I have heard of shipments taking three or more weeks. All reports are that the International Monday Box arrived intact and accomplished its mission to provide thanks and a sweet taste of home.

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3-2-1 Piña Colada Cake

3-2-1 Piña Colada CakeI wrote this post earlier in the week as I packed for a short family trip to Sanibel Island, Florida. Hopefully, we will relax while soaking up healthy amounts of vitamin D. Though our family has been to Sanibel Island before, we have never visited during the dreaded Spring Break crowds. However, that is when my 2 adult children were available and we all needed a warm get-away,so we decided to give it a try.  In the past, we found Sanibel to be a wonderful destination for family time, just hanging out, shelling, biking, breathing. That is our unscheduled plan for this trip as well.

3-2-1 Piña Colada Cake

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